Leave everything to REALIA

With our experience and accolades as the former Distribution Department of
Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.,
REALIA strives to become our customer’s reliable partner,
capable of handling your Metropolitan Tokyo real estate needs.

Our seasoned professional agents who are thoroughly knowledgeable
with not only high-end apartments and condominiums, but also with all real estate dealings
in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area are ready to assist you.

Many needs arise when selling and purchasing real estate.
We at REALIA provide services and consultation optimized for the individual customer,
utilizing all resources made available by the Nomura Real Estate Group.

When it comes to purchase and sale of Metropolitan Tokyo luxury real estate,
you can rely on REALIA.


Services only REALIA can provide

Professional realtors with
extensive experience and expertise

Our experienced and knowledgeable agents are ready to help you with every need that comes with your real-estate endeavor.

Hearing by professionals in central Tokyo
Real estate evaluation by reliable analysis
Proposals that meet the needs of our customers
Execution of a speedy sale plan
Contract procedure in collaboration with specialized departments

Consultation for the services
offered by the Nomura Real Estate Group

REALIA is also your portal to assistance and support provided by the Nomura Real Estate Group and its network, of which you can take advantage to achieve your real-estate goals.

Custom-made services
for purchase and sale of luxury real estate

We provide custom-made services that cater to everything that accompanies your purchase and sale of real estate.

Providing assistance to our foreign investors
(Assistance in English available)

Along with the local subsidiaries of the Nomura Real Estate Group in Singapore and Hong Kong, we assist international investors with inbound real-estate investments.

REALIA Tokyo is along Azabu Odori, a 2-minute walk from Azabujuban Station. This is not only a base for our sales staff, but also a space for welcoming our customers. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our store.